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Tier One comics

tier one comics Saturday was the official Free Comic Book Day, but the most exclusive free comic in town is only available tonight. Tier One from Cougar Comics is an anthology featuring work from students of Mat Johnson’s latest graphic novel workshop, in collaboration with local artists. Free copies will be distributed to the first […]

have wings, will travel

Check out my new business card.  It combines the image from Escape From Blanderburg with the recurring sketchbook motif in my work, emphasizing the unpolished nature of my universe. You can get one of these from me at Comicpalooza this weekend. Look for me. I won’t have a table, but I will be there Friday and […]

some important writing advice (link)

Comic Book Writer Paul Tobin, writing for the Night Bazaar blog, recently offered some good advice for male writers writing female characters. Think of them as people. “In writing, once a gender is established… it’s often best to leave it alone. A  woman does not need to walk to the door with a decided roll […]

Comics scholars often compare comics to maps, and sometimes claim outright that comics are a type of map. There is nothing wrong with this  as a useful metaphor – there is clearly some sense of the verb “to map” such that comics map (fictional) three-dimensional spaces onto (real) two-dimensional pages, and a much more mysterious…

flying man/ walking man

  Flying Man and Walking Man are probably my two best known characters (with the possible exception of myself).  Even though they have only appeared in one story each (so far), they are the Superman and Batman of my universe except they don’t really do what Superman and Batman do. Flying Man just flies and […]

comicpalooza is coming

Comicpalooza, the Texas International Comic Con, is coming to the the George R. Brown Convention Center May 25-27. This is the fifth Comicpalooza and their third year in the George R. Brown Covention Center. The first Comicpalooza took place in the lobby of a movie theater. It was smaller than Ted Closson’s miniature convention that took place […]

the rumpus shall never end

Near the end of his life, visual storyteller Maurice Sendak gave a really good interview for NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross in which he reflected on his life and career and the nature of mortality. If his passing saddens you, listen to this interview. For a man aware of his fading existence, he sounds so much more alive than most […]


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