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coming soon: four new zines

It has been a while since I have posted on this blog, but although I have not been on this page, I have been busy.  I am currently finishing up  four zines that I plan to print and take to Zine Fest Houston (Oct. 12). The four zines are:

  • Ouachita Journal # 1: articles about Arkansas and essays about my experiences living, here, in Mena (located in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains). This will not be a sentimental city slicker turns country boy story that romanticizes small town life. I will discuss the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful scenery. Illustrated with photos.
  • Offline Adventure Zine # 1: Offline adventure is about getting out and doing stuff in the real world, regardless of how old you are or how much money you have or any other excuse that may be holding you back. In the first issue, I will talk about a couple trips I took in my twenties — hitchhiking to Austin in 93 and traveling to New York for the twentieth anniversary of Stonewall in 94, without enough money for a return ticket. I will also include an essay that reflects on the unexpected paths my life has taken.
  • shane # 9: shane is my ongoing minicomic/ zine, now in its tenth year, with a different theme each issue. This issue will feature articles, essays and reviews around the theme of comics, superheroes and gender studies. In one essay, I will talk about the online Gender Through Comic Books class I took this past spring, and I will also include a one-page comic I created as an assignment for that class.
  • Cluttered Mind # 3: This zine is a hodgepodge of my various writing and art projects and usually includes a mix of reprints and new material. This issue will feature essays, short fiction, comics, poems, reviews, illustrations and photos that don’t fit the themes of the other zines in this project including a new Flyin’ Man story, a poem about the apocalypse and “Kissing Ginsberg”, an essay about when I brought Allen Ginsberg to Houston in 1993.

Of course, being a zinester in Mena, Arkansas (the small town I have been living in since December) does pose challenges. Lack of jobs to finance a zine is one of those challenges and the absence of any potential local audience is another, but the greatest obstacle is that there is no decent copy shop within 80 miles. My plan is to get a good computer printer, a saddle stapler and a paper trimmer and doing everything at home, but that no job thing is also a factor, so to help with the expense, I have set up a project page on Indiegogo (a funding site similar to Kickstarter).  You can help with this project by visiting my page and making a contribution or by letting others know about the project, and about the cool rewards I am offering t supporters.

Click on photo to visit my Indiegogo page and see all the rewards I am offering to project supporters.

Click on photo to visit my Indiegogo page and see all the rewards I am offering to project supporters.


One comment on “coming soon: four new zines

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